"SMART" Weight Loss Program


This program is based on losing 1-2 lbs per week. Your initial consultation will help you determine what your estimated weight loss correction will be.


This will also determine the length of the program.


You will meet with your trainer once a week for your weigh and measure and review of your food log.



Change your life! Improve your health! - Look and feel great!

  • A free consultation to help you choose the method of weight loss best suited to you.

  • An individual weight loss program that is customized for your needs

  • Guidance throughout your program from our staff of professional trainers and lifestyle counsellors every week.

  • Fitness programming to assist you with your weight loss program.

  • A lifestyle contract to encourage your commitment to changing habits.

  • Reference reports for you to track your food consumption, fitness involvement and patterns of behavior.

  • A food choice guide with suggested portions and allowances.

  • A safe and average weight loss is 1 - 2 pounds per week, but more is feasible with the help of your trainer and your program commitment.

  • Measurements, weigh-ins, body compositions, and a food plan with caloric guidelines will be used to help you achieve your  goals.

  • Short-term goals are targeted first, and provide the foundation of changes needed to achieve your long term goals

  • A maintenance program is put into place once you have acheived your goals to ensure continued success!

We honor your feelings, your confidentiality and your choices!

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SMART Weight Loss

Lose up to 24 lbs in 12 weeks with our

Smart Weight Loss Program.

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