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Diva Fitness & Pilates offers top of the line STOTT reformers and Pilates equipment.


Training on STOTT reformers will create longer, stronger and leaner muscles while improving posture, balance and core strength. This is a great addition to any fitness regime and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Pilates reformer classes are recognized by health practitioners and are proven effective for those with back pain and other general pains.

Classes usually run for 8 weeks

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Relieve the symptoms of MS through Pilates

Pilates can improve so many aspects of our health, both body and mind. Pilates can offer specific benefits that ease the symptoms of many MS sufferers. Developing core strength and flexibility is a key focus in Pilates, and increasing both can reduce the level of muscle spasticity in MS patients. Increasing core strength and balance is also important for MS sufferers, as stability is often a frustrating symptom.


Breathing exercises, utilized in Pilates, can help aid in relaxation. With increased relaxation comes reduced stress and an increased aptitude for socialization, both of which decrease the chance and severity of depression, a common side affect of MS.


Pilates can help reduce the severity and frequency of fatigue by increasing aerobic activity and strengthening muscles. Another benefit is that Pilates teaches body awareness which can help to assist in every day tasks and prevent falls because of numbness in the limbs.


Diva offers Pilates Reformer classes to clients with MS. Please give us a call or email us to learn more about these classes



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